Online Classes

Online classes at Chemistry Domus are designed to be just as effective as our physical classes.

  • Content for online classes and physical classes are exactly the sameChung will go through core concepts and key skills for the week, after which you will work through carefully curated practice questions to lock down those concepts and skills.

  • Students will have access to on-demand video lectures that they can watch (and rewatch) at any time to learn a new concept, or refresh an old one, as well as on-demand video practice questions where you can learn key exam skills and strategies to solve particular question types;

  • Students will also have access to WhatsApp consultation, where they can clear any questions and doubts with Chung anytime of the week.

Our Online Classes Are

Online class sizes remain small, and students are expected to send their answers to Chung at various points of the class, such that they remain accountable for their learning during the virtual class.


Our online classes are not one-directional.

Chung will constantly check on the progress of students with directed questions, and students can also ask questions at any time.


Our physical location is in the East, but with our online classes, you can enjoy the same level of teaching from Chung no matter where you are in Singapore.

2-hr Real-time Interactive Classes

During the 2-hr real-time interactive classes,​

  • Chung will highlight the core concepts and key skills for the week,

  • students will do practice questions emphasising these concepts and skills,

  • Chung will go through the practice questions to ensure that the key concepts have been locked down,

  • classes remain small such that Chung can maintain visual contact with the students just as in a classroom to gauge their learning progress, and

  • students can ask questions at any point in time, just like in a physical classroom.

The online classes are conducted using the Zoom platform. Students will only need to install the Zoom application on their devices, and it is free for the students. Students do not need to sign up for an account.

You can watch a sample of a typical online class below:

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Online Video Lectures and Practice Questions

Chung has built an on-demand video library for the entire A Level H2 Chemistry syllabus.

Regular students of Chemistry Domus will be able to watch (and rewatch) videos for any of the lessons that they have attended, so that they can refresh a concept or skill at any time.

Students can also subscribe (for a fee) to the on-demand videos for topics that they might have missed.

Watch a sample JC1 video for a core skill for Reaction Kinetics here, or watch a sample JC2 video for the review of Organic Chemistry mechanisms here.

You can also watch below a short 1-min introduction to the online video lessons.

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You can also browse our current library of online videos here.

Is it safe to use Zoom?

Student safety, whether online or offiline, is our utmost concern at Chemistry Domus.

To ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our students, the following Zoom features are implemented for our online classes:

  • Students do not need to create Zoom accounts.

  • Students will join the online lessons each week with a direct link (with a unique meeting id and password) sent from Chung himself via WhatsApp.

  • After clicking the link to join the online class, students will placed in a waiting room, and Chung will manually allow each student into the classroom. This is to prevent any unauthorised persons from entering the classroom.

  • The online classes are also kept small (max 12 students), so Chung can see exactly who is in the room.

  • Besides Chung, participants will not be able to share their screens, such that no inappropriate materials can be shared to any students in the room.

  • Private chats between participants have been disabled.

  • File sharing between participants have been disabled.

Zoom remains a powerful video conferencing platform with exceptional performance, in particular for small-class teaching purposes, since it allows the teacher to maintain visual contact with the students, such that teaching can be adjusted immediately, just as in a physical classroom.

We believe that with Zoom's commitment to continually improve their security measures, our real-time online classes can remain a safe learning space.

WhatsApp Consultation

WhatsApp has been a tool that Chung has encouraged students to use at all times.

Students are encouraged to clear their doubts, whether it is on a concept, or whether it is a question that they are working on, over WhatsApp. There are many reasons for this:

  • Questions can be immediately cleared when it is fresh in the student's mind.

  • Formulating the question itself is a powerful process which forces the student to clarify their thoughts.

  • There is no limit to the number of questions and doubt that a student can clear over a week.

  • Time is saved as there is no need to wait after class for their turn to ask Chung a question.

WhatsApp consultation remains a mainstay of the learning process at Chemistry Domus, whether online or offline.


$360 per month (for four weeks of lessons). Fees will be $450 if there are five weeks in that particular month.

This includes access to the on-demand videos for the corresponding lessons.

Fees will collected by PayNow / PayLah / bank transfer before the first class of each month.

Whatsapp Chung at 9623-2645 or sign up for a trial now!