"This might sound cliché but Mr Chung is really the best Chemistry teacher I’ve had throughout my 12 years of education under MOE. He is not only knowledgable, but he is able to inculcate concepts with ease as long as you are willing to learn. I am grateful that I’ve joined his classes since the first day in J1 as I have learnt almost all the tips and tricks in his locker needed to tackle almost any question I face during exams. His constant motive of wanting us to understand concepts instead of memorising them has even inspired me to take up H3 Chemistry in J2!

Unlike many other tuition centres, Mr Chung is caring and takes his time off just to make sure you will understand your mistakes. He always never fail to quickly reply to my incessant amount of questions I throw at him. This is something many school teachers or other tuition teachers won’t do!

I’ll definitely recommend to join his classes. As long as you are willing to work hard and improve, under his supervision, an A grade will be within an arms reach."

Xu Kuang, Temasek Junior College (2019)

"Mr Chung is a caring and dedicated teacher. He is not only knowledgeable in Chemistry, but also explains complex concepts to us in a clear and concise manner.

I joined Chemistry Domus in late 2019, and at that time I was panicking as my school Chemistry teacher had suddenly retired and we were waiting for a new teacher to take over, and I was extremely lost with the content. Despite my struggles, Mr Chung was very patient and answered my questions even after lessons and through Whatsapp. He takes time to explain clearly to me by breaking down complicated concepts into simple points and linking each point in steps, which allowed me to make connections and thoroughly understand the concept, instead of rote memorisation.

Besides this, he is also concerned about the well-being of his students. During Covid-19, Mr Chung held his lessons online and sent us exam practice papers and useful tips on tackling different question types, ensuring that we were still consistent in our learning without interruptions. He also listened to my concerns and encouraged me to continue giving my best, advising me to focus less on past bad experiences but more on how far I’ve come.

Thank you Mr Chung for helping me to regain my self esteem and confidence in Chemistry!"

Renee Wong, Temasek Junior College (2020)

"Mr Chung was an extremely patient, dedicated and attentive teacher. He often provided help that extended beyond the usual lesson timing, including Q&A sessions before and after lessons, as well as questions asked through WhatsApp. The answers he provided were thorough, detailed and clear, allowing me to not only understand the solutions, but also the concepts behind each question, such that I could apply the skills learnt to other similar questions. Papers from different schools were also provided at a weekly basis, and answers were sent via email within 1-2 days, which was definitely of extremely great help to me during my revision process.

During lessons, we are often encouraged to answer questions to ensure that we are keeping up with the pace. Mr Chung is very attentive in terms of being able to notice when one seems lost. In addition, by maintaining a small class size, he is able to address every student properly. The small class size is also a great help for me to voice out my concerns and misconceptions.

If you are looking for a Chemistry class that is interesting and engaging, a Chemistry teacher that is highly efficient, and is able to clear all your doubts (which I personally feel is of utmost importance) in the shortest time possible, I suggest that you look no further and join Chemistry Domus! Mr Chung is definitely a teacher I would greatly recommend :)"

Yong Ziyi, Temasek Junior College (2019)

"Mr Chung is a great teacher who can cater to many types of students and explain the chemistry content in various ways to facilitate understanding. He is able to teach from the fundamentals to improve and encourage deep understanding rather than rote memorisation. Speaking from an A grade here!"

Dominique Poh, Temasek Junior College (2017)

"Mr Chung is a caring teacher who makes sure everyone in class has the correct understanding of Chemistry so that we can ace the subject. I personally appreciate the discussion approach during Mr Chung’s lessons since it helps us better our understanding, learn from our mistakes, and boost our confidence. The small class setting also makes consulting Mr Chung very easy while doing in-class questions. The materials prepared by Mr Chung are very useful and have helped me with a greater exposure to various types of questions."

Richie Chua, Temasek Junior College (2017)

"Mr Chung’s lessons have always been engaging. He made difficult concepts easier to understand, and he also sometimes gave us extra information regarding the topic, which I personally liked it as it helped me to understand the topic better and my interest for Chemistry grew more. The materials were useful as well. He is also a dedicated teacher, who always answered questions we had through WhatsApp, and also stayed back after class to clarify all the doubts we had."

Hiromi Foo, Temasek Junior College (2017)

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Reasons to join Chemistry Domus

Gain a holistic understsanding of Chemistry.


Connect the dots between different topics and experience the "aha" moment.


Our physical locations are conveniently located in the East, with BEDOK CENTRAL and PARKWAY CENTRE easily accessible from TJC.


Work with specifically curated prelim and A Level questions.

Weekly timed-practices, before major exams,  on our online portal with detailed explanations.


Besides consulting with Chung before or after regular classes, have access to Chung all the time, as he encourages the clearing up of doubts and concepts on whatsapp.


Chung has excelled at the most rigourous schools in Singapore and the U.S., and can help to impart important academic skills required for students to do well in the system.


Our groups are small at a maximum of 12 students, so you can participate actively in class, and get personalised attention from Chung as he inspects your work individually.

Regular Class Schedules (2022)
JC 2 Classes

Bedok Central

Tues 5:30 pm (filling fast!)

Parkway Centre

Fri 4:45 pm (almost full!)

Centropod (Paya Lebar - Eunos)

Sat 1 pm


Online Interactive Class

Thurs 5:30 pm

JC 1 Classes

Bedok Central

Tues 7:45 pm

Parkway Centre

Fri 7 pm

Centropod (Paya Lebar - Eunos)

Sat 10 am

Online Interactive Class

Thurs 8 pm

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About Chung

Since 2012, Chung has helped students understand JC Chemistry in a holistic manner. Besides supporting students in their quest to achieve distinctions in their exams, Chung also strives to guide students in developing a genuine interest and appreciation of a fascinating and practical subject.


An ASEAN Scholar while studying in Singapore, Chung developed an early interest in Chemistry. He continued to pursue this interest at UC Berkeley, and graduated with high honours in Chemical Engineering before going on to obtain his Masters, also in Chemical Engineering.

Join Chung at Chemistry Domus now, where he will help you get a sound grasp of fundamental concepts in JC Chemistry, truly understand the relevance of what you are studying, and ultimately, be exam ready for the A Levels.


Chung has built an on-demand video library for the entire A Level H2 Chemistry syllabus.

Regular students of Chemistry Domus will be able to watch (and rewatch) videos for any of the lessons that they have attended, so that they can refresh a concept or skill at any time.

Students can also subscribe (for a fee) to the on-demand videos for topics that they might have missed.


WhatsApp has been a tool that Chung has encouraged students to use at all times.

Students are encouraged to clear their doubts, whether it is on a concept, or whether it is a question that they are working on, over WhatsApp. There are many reasons for this:

  • Questions can be immediately cleared when it is fresh in the student's mind.

  • Formulating the question itself is a powerful process which forces the student to clarify their thoughts.

  • There is no limit to the number of questions and doubt that a student can clear over a week.

  • Time is saved as there is no need to wait after class for their turn to ask Chung a question.

WhatsApp consultation remains a mainstay of the learning process at Chemistry Domus, whether online or offline.


$360 per month (for four weeks of lessons). Fees will be $450 if there are five weeks in that particular month.

This includes access to the on-demand videos for the corresponding lessons.

Fees will collected by PayNow / PayLah / bank transfer before the first class of each month.


Fill in the form below with your particulars, and let us know when you would like to come for a trial class. Chung will get in touch with you within 24 hours to sort out the details.