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Ace your exams while having fun with chemistry! That’s our vision at Chemistry Domus.


So you’ve decided to study Chemistry. But as you are formulating equilibrium constants, figuring out rate equations, and calculating pH of buffer solutions, you ask yourself why any of this matters. Or maybe you are banging your head against the wall as you try to memorise the correct reagents and conditions for each one of the organic reactions, and you again ask yourself how all this is relevant.

Let’s fast-forward five years. Five years from now, because you studied equilibria and kinetics, you could be a chemical engineer figuring out the best conditions to produce a product with the highest possible yield and in the shortest amount of time. Five years from now, because you studied buffer systems, you could be a biochemist designing and producing pharmaceutical drugs under the proper pH conditions. Five years from now, because you studied organic chemistry, you could be a researcher studying specific proteins, and finding the cure for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


An Asean Scholar while studing in Singapore, Chung developed an early interest in Chemistry. He continued to pursue this interest at UC Berkeley, and graduated with high honours in Chemical Engineering before going on to obtain his masters from UC Santa Barbara. He then worked in the petrochemical industry in the US, before moving back to Asia to run a rubber manufacturing facility near Shanghai for eight years. On returning to Singapore, Chung joined the teaching profession and has helped numerous students ace their exams, and who, in the process, also developed real interests in an often dreaded subject.


So join Chung at Chemistry Domus now, where he will not only help you grasp fundamental concepts and be exam ready, but also truly understand the relevance of what you are studying.

A level Chemistry star tutor chung at Chemistry Domus
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