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Online Videos –

JC 1 Zoom Lessons

These videos of our regular classes are available to our regular class students.

Each lesson is broken up into a few videos. In the description below each video, you can look for the content or question that you would like to view or revisit.

J1A-32Z  Organic Chemistry Practice (to Alkenes)
23-09-05 J1A-32 O-Chem Practice (to Alkenes).jpg
  • Review key skills and concepts from Isomerism and FRS.

J1A-43Z  Organic Chemistry Consolidation (to Arenes)
22-11-24 J1A-43Z O-Chem Consolidation (to Arenes).jpg
  • Review key skills and concepts from Introduction to Organic Chemistry to Arenes.

J1A-35Z  Consolidation – Chemical Equilibria
22-09-29 J1 Consolidation - Chemical Equilibria.jpg
  • Review key skills and concepts from Chemical Equilibria.

J1A-34  Promos Review – Organic Chemistry
21-09-30 J1 Prelims Review - O-Chem.jpg
  • Review key skills and concepts from Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Alkanes, and Alkenes. [2021-09-30]

J1A-34  Promos Review – Kinetics
21-09-23 J1 Prelims Review - Kinetics.jpg
  • Review key skills and concepts from Reaction Kinetics.

J1A-17T  Mid-Year Review – Atomic Structure & Gases
21-05-28 J1 MYE Review - Atomic Structur
  • Review deflections in electric fields, writing electronic configurations, and drawing electron orbitals.

  • Review Period 3 trends for atomic radius, ionic radius, 1st IE and EN, as well as applying successive ionisation energies.

  • Review calculating molar mass of gases, the kinetic theory of gases, and deviations from it.

J1A-16T  Mid-Year Review – Redox & Stoichiometry
21-05-20 J1 MYE Review - Redox & Stoichi
  • Review writing of redox equations using the half-equation method, as well as short-cut methods.

  • Review the analysis of back titration questions, and efficient ways of performing your calculations.

J1A-33  Promos Review – Isomerism & Alkanes
20-09-24 J1 Promos Review - Isomerism &
  • Review hybridisation and isomerism. In particular, review the key steps to draw stereoisomers for molecules with two stereocentres.

  • Review the Free Radical Substitution mechanism for alkanes, in particular how to predict the mono-sub products and the ratio between them.

J1A-34  Consolidation – Chemical Equilibria
20-10-10 J1 Consolidation - Chemical Equ
  • Write Kc or Kp expressions.

  • Use ICE tables to calculate Kc or Kp values, or equilibrium values for reactants and products.

  • Determine shifts in POE using Le Chatelier's Principle.

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