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"Mr Chung has been a really great teacher. Not only is he proficient in Chemistry as a subject, but is also very familiar with the requirements of the A Level syllabus, teaching us essential answering techniques that would allow us to hit the key marking points. He would also ensure his students understood what was being taught, answering questions not only during lessons, but also making himself available before and after lessons to clarify doubts. Furthermore, we had access to WhatsApp consultations with him at any time of the week, allowing us to learn with ease.

Initially, I had a weak grasp of Chemistry, but with Mr Chung’s help, I was able to gain a solid foundation and understanding of the subject, which allowed me to develop an interest in Chemistry. I scored an E for Chemistry in my J1 Promotional exam, and thereafter took up classes with Mr Chung. Under his guidance, within about half a year, I was able to improve my grade to an A in my J2 mid-year exam.

I also liked the structure of Mr Chung’s lessons. Alongside teaching us content, he would also have us do questions after learning each small concept within the topic, for us to apply what we learnt as we went along, solidifying our knowledge. Moreover, the way he would get us to do questions was particularly effective. He would ensure we got the practice by letting us try on our own, but at the same time, if questions were particularly hard, he would provide guidance on how to approach them. When he provided answers, he would also guide us as to why the answers were as such. In addition, he would explain the answering techniques to ensure we were able to answer questions of similar types in the future. He would also explain concepts clearly for ease of understanding.

Mr Chung also has a comprehensive online library of videos that contains recordings of lessons, conveniently broken up into chapters, even within a single lesson. I have found it useful to be able to refer to these videos to refresh my memory on the materials taught whenever I needed to.

Mr Chung’s feedback was crucial in allowing me to understand where I fell short in my understanding of the subject, as well as what to improve, and how to do so. This has allowed me to work on my weaker points to improve.

Overall, Mr Chung has played an important role in helping me improve greatly in Chemistry. His classes have been great and I would recommend them, as I believe they can benefit anyone as much as they have benefited me."

Matthew Chan, Dunman High School (2023)

“Shortly after attending Mr Chung’s lessons, my grades saw a remarkable improvement from an S to a C. What stood out to me was his teaching style – far from simply providing answers, he took a profound approach, guiding me towards understanding concepts on a deeper level. Instead of spoon-feeding solutions, he often posed thought-provoking questions that pinpointed where I erred, allowing me to recognise and rectify the root cause of my mistakes so I would not make them again. 

The online MCQs and essay practices curated by Mr Chung were instrumental in my preparation for both prelims and A levels. They were appropriately challenging, pushing me to excel. Crucially, the timely feedback provided after each practice was invaluable, where his almost instant responses at all times made it much less of a hassle when I met with challenging problems. It not only highlighted my weaknesses but also offered actionable strategies to improve – whether it was refining rote memorisation or tackling more application-based questions. 

In essence, Mr Chung is not just an excellent educator, but a mentor who transforms learning into an engaging, insightful and most importantly fun journey. His guidance and teaching methodologies not only improved my grades but also instilled in me a genuine passion for Chemistry. I'm immensely grateful for his dedication and commitment to his students' success.”

Jed Tan, Victoria Junior College (2023)

"After joining Mr Chung lessons, not only did I see a drastic improvement in my grades, but I found joy in learning. He has helped me to grow my confidence in Chemistry with his unwavering support and encouragement. He never failed to commend me for my improvements and his optimism during classes kept my spirits high, pushing me to work even harder than before.
Mr Chung is a competent teacher, always providing clear and carefully thought-out answers to questions from students. Additionally, his patience and passion has provided me a conducive learning environment, where I have never feared to make a mistake. He also issued out an abundance of practices for us, which he would give back personalised feedback. The consolidated notes and videos he provided us has helped me immensely in my learning. On top of strengthening our chemistry content, Mr Chung also provided many useful exam skills and techniques, and has consistently practiced them during his lessons. 
All in all, I’ve gained so much from Mr Chung’s lessons and I’m really grateful for his guidance these past 2 years! :)

Koh Chu Ling, Victoria Junior College (2023)

"Mr Chung is not only a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher, but also a very patient teacher. I really appreciated how he would either stay back after class or reply me quickly via text to help me clear my doubts. Although I was unclear while expressing my questions sometimes, Mr Chung was still very patient and took the time to understand what I was trying to say, in order to help me.
I appreciated that he was very clear in his explanations and did not spoon-feed us answers during both the online and physical lessons. This made lessons more productive as I was actively learning. Nearing the A Level's period, Mr Chung gave us timed practices in class which was very useful as it helped us to develop better time management since it always seemed like a mad rush to complete the Chemistry papers.
The past year paper practices and feedback that Mr Chung gave us were the most useful. Without it, I would not have the will to consistently do Chemistry papers. There was a good balance of manageable n tough questions. This helped me to gain confidence if I had scored well, and conversely, motivated me to reflect and try harder when I didn’t do as well. Overtime, this helped me to overcome the fear of doing Chemistry papers, which made me feel more prepared for exams.
Overall, Mr Chung is a very good teacher. With his clear guidance and useful pointers  he helped me to enjoy and understand Chemistry more effectively."

Joelle Sim, Victoria Junior College (2022)

"Mr Chung is a very patient and passionate teacher, and would never hesitate to answer any questions or doubts that I might have. He would always clear my doubts in concepts with clear and concise explanations. Once, I was still confused with a complicated question after class and Mr Chung sent me a more detailed explanation which was easier to understand later that evening when he got home, and that was something I was very appreciative of. He is also very willing to stay back after class even if it is late to help me with the questions that I have. Beyond the classroom, Mr Chung always replies my text messages very quickly, and would do so even when I send many questions in a row. 

On top of that, the weekly practices and MCQs he gives helps me a lot in familiarising with the content tested, and allows me to get in more practice on top of the TYS. He would also look through my work and give me pointers on how to do better for the next practice. 

The notes given in class are also a good way for me to practice weaker topics due to the wide array of questions, and the included tips help me to understand and remember concepts better.

Mr Chung is also a very understanding teacher, and was very willing to set up Zoom calls for me to join when I could not make it for in-person lessons. Online lessons were just as helpful as in-person lessons, and Mr Chung would respond to my queries with equal patience and clarity. 

I joined Chemistry Domus for just under a year and through Mr Chung’s classes and practices, my Chemistry grade in school began to improve as concepts began to make more sense. This gave me a much needed confidence booster before going into the examination hall. 

I especially appreciated the encouraging messages he would send before the examination, which made the last lap easier to complete. 

I would definitely recommend joining Chemistry Domus if you want to improve your Chemistry grade! And thank you for all the guidance Mr Chung!"

Hudson Wong, Raffles Institution (2022)

"Mr Chung is a very passionate teacher who is able to instil important concepts into students with relative ease. He is very dedicated and never fails to answer any queries. He always checks our work to see if we are keeping up with the class. Amidst the COVID pandemic, he used different methods to overcome the challenges of having online lessons. Mr Chung would also allow us to stay back after the lesson to ask about certain misconceptions.

During exam periods, Mr Chung would send us exam pointers as well as words of encouragement to motivate us.

Lastly, Mr Chung gives us more than enough practice for chemistry, providing tough past year prelim papers to complete every week. Under Mr Chung's tutelage, my chemistry results improved drastically: from S in the March Common Test, to B in the Mid Year Exams, and A during Prelims."

Zhang Jie, Dunman High School (2020)

"Mr Chung is a patient teacher and is very willing to clear my doubts when i have issues understanding chemistry. His lessons has allowed me to have a greater understanding and has helped me with answering the questions during the exams. I liked that there are videos to watch if i did not manage to grasp what was taught in class and that we are able to join online classes if we were sick or unable to make it for in person lesson. Thank you for being such a knowledgeable tutor and helping me to improve my chemistry grade!"

Teoh Wei Qian, Victoria Junior College (2023)

"This might sound cliché but Mr Chung is really the best Chemistry teacher I’ve had throughout my 12 years of education under MOE. He is not only knowledgable, but he is able to inculcate concepts with ease as long as you are willing to learn. I am grateful that I’ve joined his classes since the first day in J1 as I have learnt almost all the tips and tricks in his locker needed to tackle almost any question I face during exams. His constant motive of wanting us to understand concepts instead of memorising them has even inspired me to take up H3 Chemistry in J2!

Unlike many other tuition centres, Mr Chung is caring and takes his time off just to make sure you will understand your mistakes. He always never fail to quickly reply to my incessant amount of questions I throw at him. This is something many school teachers or other tuition teachers won’t do!

I’ll definitely recommend to join his classes. As long as you are willing to work hard and improve, under his supervision, an A grade will be within an arms reach."

Xu Kuang, Temasek Junior College (2019)

"Mr Chung is very detailed and patient teacher. He never fails to reply my questions on WhatsApp promptly and answer my questions in class. He will ensure that I fully understood the concept before moving on too. To make things better, Mr Chung’s teaching is extremely clear, systematic and precise which enables me to understand Chemistry efficiently. Furthermore, instead of blatantly feeding us answers, he conducted the lessons actively by constantly asking us questions. This made lessons more productive as I was actively learning.
I also appreciated Mr Chung’s online platform where we can do papers. It reduces the hassle as the system will mark our answers immediately and we could proceed on with doing the corrections and identifying our weaknesses.
In conclusion , Mr Chung is a passionate and excellent teacher. Under his guidance, teaching platform and methods, he helped me understand Chemistry more effectively and even made learning this dreadful subject enjoyable."

Claudia Tang, Victoria Junior College (2022)

2022 Saadhana-3.PNG

"I just want to say thank you so much for all the support and guidance you've given! Even though it was a very short stretch of time, I learnt so much because you taught every concept in such a clear and understandable way. Finally being able to understand Chemistry properly allowed me [to] appreciate the subject so much more, which really helped me build confidence. Thank you being the being the best Chem tutor I've had!"

Saadhana Ramesh, Raffles Institution (2022)

"I think I really benefitted from Mr Chung’s chemistry classes. He is able to explain concepts and questions very concisely and in great detail. His way of teaching helped my grades to jump from a D to a B. In addition, the implementation of MCQ and Structured Essay questions every week helped me to solidify my concepts and practice my theory consistently, so that I will not lose touch with them. I am extremely grateful to have found Mr Chung as my tutor in JC."

Joy Lim, Victoria Junior College (2023)

"Mr Chung is a very organised and knowledgeable teacher who never fails to clear our doubts during lessons. We could always reach out to him via texts to clear any questions and would receive detailed explanations followed by methods to improve our answers to ensure we score as much marks as possible.

During lessons, Mr Chung would actively ask us questions to fully ensure that we understand the concepts and also check on our work to keep us on the right tract. What helped me the most would be the extra practice papers Mr Chung provided which he would then look through to comment on so as to correct any of our misunderstandings.

Furthermore, there would always be videos which we could use to revise on topics that we might be weaker in which was a great help especially closer to examinations. Towards the A Levels period, we had many timed practices during lessons which was very helpful in developing better time management as failing to manage time in a chemistry paper was always the problem that many students face. The many practice papers that we were provided with gave me the confidence in Chemistry which helped improved my grades.

In conclusion Mr Chung is a great teacher. With his teaching methods and useful pointers, chemistry had became less scary and more enjoyable."

Ansley Tay, Victoria Junior College (2022)

"I joined Chemistry Domus halfway through JC2 with decent Chemistry grades and I had the idea of joining it to sustain my Chemistry grades. Not only did Chemistry Domus helped to clear misunderstood concepts, it had also improved my Chemistry grades from the usual Bs and Cs to As.
I am also grateful for the immense online resources Mr Chung had provided his students with. His resources had many key concepts and questions, and together that helped with our strategic learning. His pushes out papers on a weekly basis which makes my revision consistent.
Furthermore, Mr Chung is also very keen on answering any questions his students had, be it face to face or online, and his explanations are always very clear and precise."

Kesha Soon, Temasek Junior College (2022)

"Before joining Chemistry Domus, I struggled with many topics in the chemistry syllabus despite going for consultations and studying for longer hours, consistently getting an E / S for my exams and timed assignments. Frustrated, I decided to join the June crash course programme in J2 (and subsequently the regular lessons). Despite joining so late, joining for that few months improved my results tremendously from an E (39th percentile) at CT1 to a B (70-75th percentile) at both CT2 and Prelims.

Mr Chung is a patient, engaging and dedicated teacher who is ever willing to spend additional time, be it before or after class, or even outside of the classroom through WhatsApp consultations, to clear our doubts and misconceptions. He is clear and concise in his explanations, illustrating difficult concepts through flowcharts and other methods for us to understand and absorb more easily. In addition to the small class size which allows him to focus on every single student (as well as less intimidating to ask questions for the more soft-spoken), the materials distil the essence of each topic, making it easy to comprehend and internalise. The exam pointers and shortcuts he teaches us also make tackling questions and memorising content so much easier and more manageable, which I found extremely useful for revision in the days leading up to the paper. On top of that, Mr Chung is also a caring mentor who never fails to encourage us to dispel our anxieties and troubles before exams, helping us feel more confident and less afraid of the subject.

Mr Chung believed in my capabilities when I lost hope in the subject, and his conscientious teachings and encouragement allowed me to appreciate the subject more and achieve much more than I thought I was capable of. Join Chemistry Domus and be empowered to ace your A Level Chemistry :)"

Gwendolyn Heng, Victoria Junior College (2019)

"Before joining Chemistry Domus, I was extremely lost in many H2 chemistry topics, especially Organic Chemistry. I had been scoring S for my school assessments constantly. Under desperate worry for my A-levels, I decided to look for help from Chemistry Domus during May in J2. 

Having attended both the crash courses and the regular classes of Chemistry Domus, my understanding of Chemistry improved tremendously under the careful guidance of Mr Chung. I was a student with a poor foundation for J1 Chemistry, however Mr Chung was patient with his teaching and always replied to my numerous questions with clear explanations after class and through Whatsapp.

Mr Chung’s interesting chemistry lessons were also accompanied with his organised notes which include many helpful short exam pointers. The exam pointers along with the questions done in class were great revision materials for my exams and A-levels.

Mr Chung believed in my capability and encouraged me on. Thankfully, with all the effort I had put in and Mr Chung’s effective teaching, I managed to obtain an A for my A Levels. I strongly recommend Chemistry Domus as I believe that you would definitely benefit as much as I did if you joined! I also believe that you would grow to love Chemistry under Mr Chung’s teaching! :)"

Gladys Koh, National Junior College (2018)

"I first joined Mr Chung’s lessons in the middle of J2, after receiving some rather concerning grades during my mid-year Block Tests. While my Chemistry abilities were not terribly bad, I still found myself struggling with gaps in my knowledge that I had not properly addressed, from the more recent Organic Chemistry topics to foundational ones such as Chemical Kinetics and Energetics. This led to me having many issues with time management when doing exam papers, especially during the dreaded Paper 3 exam.

Fortunately, Mr Chung was there to help. Despite joining so late, I managed to catch his many revision classes that forced me to focus on specific topics each week, tackling the subject right from its basics. Towards the A Levels, his weekly practice papers, both written and MCQ, trained both my ability to recognise question types as well as critical time management skills that trained my discipline and thinking abilities. Most importantly, his guidance both in and out of the classroom allowed me to gain a better understanding of the subject, more than I would have on my own, and this gave me the confidence I needed to go into the exam hall knowing that I have done my best, no matter the outcome.

Thanks Mr Chung!"

Iann Tan, Hwa Chong Institution (2022)

"Through my two years, I’ve gained so much, in both a stronger understanding of chemistry concepts as well as confidence in my own abilities. As the pace of learning in school was extremely fast-paced, exacerbated by the COVID situation, it was immensely helpful to have Mr Chung’s lessons guide me through the key concepts in a clear, succinct and comprehensive manner. It was incredibly suited to my learning style, where mindmaps, summaries and a ‘one question at a time’ approach helped me solidify and consolidate my learning.

Mr Chung is incredibly dedicated to helping each and every student, checking on our progress throughout the lesson and ensuring that no one falls behind. The small-group environment made it easy for a soft-spoken individual like myself to raise queries and clear up my misconceptions. The patience and encouragement that Mr Chung showed really helped me improve immensely and I am really grateful!"

Tessa Chen, Victoria Junior College (2021)

"Mr Chung is a brilliant teacher who has helped me tremendously in improving my chemistry grades. I liked his WhatsApp consultation, where I can ask him countless questions and he will clear my doubts at the end of the day. In addition, he willingly stays back after class to answer my questions, no matter how long it will take him.

I am grateful  that he is able to clear some of my misunderstandings and gaps in my learning with his teaching style. By going through the topics and guiding us through, I was able to discover and bridge the gaps. Moreover, when exams are just around the corner, he will send exam papers and timed MCQ practises to drill our chemistry concepts and also to strengthen our time management skills.

Thank you so much Mr Chung, for giving me the confidence and motivation to work hard for Chemistry! If not for you, I would have continued to think that I do not stand a chance in scoring well for Chemistry!!!"

Timothy Tan, National Junior College (2020)

"As a teacher, Mr Chung is simply competent and versatile. He carefully examines our level of understanding and concept errors in class, thereby adjusting his teaching to cater to each student. He does so by making us answer questions and be engaged as opposed to passively absorbing knowledge. He routinely checks our verbal and writtten responses in class to quickly detect and correct any content gaps. For the weaker students, he very-well knows and would advise us what we should take as a starting point. From there, he then guides us through specially curated questions arranged in progressive tiers of difficulty. Of course, these questions are of wide variety so as to maximise exposure and familiarisation, and they are often designed to highlight common as well as not-so-common pitfalls of students.

I regularly stayed behind after classes to clarify doubts and Mr Chung was always more than happy to explain once, twice, or even multiple times until I see crystal clear. There are teaching materials - summary notes, skills and strategies pointers, and practice questions - aplenty but short and concise for personal reference.

To me, Mr Chung is an uplifting teacher. He never fails to remind us the importance of the basics, and as I built a strong foundation in the subject, he helped me gain confidence in Chemistry. My Chemistry grades improved tremendously from an 'S' in JC 1 Block Test to a 'B' in the Promos and an 'A' in the Prelim exams. Chemistry Domus has helped me a lot in understanding and enjoying Chemistry in JC!"

Elisia Brispalma W., Nanyang Junior College (2019)

"Mr Chung is a very responsible, caring and committed teacher who is always willing to help us any way he could. His lessons allow us to easily master difficult concepts which we often find hard to understand in school for various reasons. 
Mr Chung would tailor his way of teaching in order to suit us and ensure that we completely understand the concepts. For example, when mere talking does not help, he would draw out diagrams or use hand gestures to illustrate certain complex chapters, which greatly aided us in our understanding. Practice questions that he compiled were useful in our revisions for any exams. Before any exams, I would find myself reading and trying out all the important questions that he marked out for us. It gave me the confidence to do well because I knew that they were really important questions that contained essential concepts.
Mr Chung's high level of commitment in teaching his students is evident from the quick replies he would give to students who messaged him questions even over the weekends. Also, Mr Chung is a very caring teacher who would look out for the needs of all his students, creating a comfortable learning environment which I really appreciated. Lessons were conducted in small groups where we have a tutor-to-student ratio kept below 1:10. This ensured that no students were left out in the process of learning.
Overall, Mr Chung is a great tutor to work with in acing A Level Chemistry."

Sim Wen Fei, Victoria Junior College (2017)

Testimonial 1 for A Level Chemistry Tuition at Chemistry Domus

"Hello Mr Chung! Thank you for being the best tutor ever and really for always going out of your way to guide us. My Chemistry was really quite a disaster before I started going for your classes (really wish I started earlier), but now it’s one of my favourite subjects and I have the most confidence for it. Your patient, dedicated teaching really helped us all so much, and inspired me to work hard and excel in Chem. It’s amazing that I really look forward to tuition classes with you because they are always so helpful and fun! Huge huge thank you for your dedication and patience, from teaching us overtime to answering our endless questions, and even giving me help for my university applications. Thank you a million, Mr Chung, I hope you’ll continue to inspire students forever!"

Claire Chua, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung, Happy Teachers’ Day! I haven’t joined the Chem tuition for long but thank you for being a wonderful tutor!

You are always genuinely trying to help us with Chem, even if it means extending the lesson. For being very patient and understanding even when I don’t understand basic concepts, thank you so much!

Your Chem is really godly-standard, because you get things super fast, I’m amazed. I’ll work hard to not disappoint you as well, so thanks again for being my teacher. Enjoy your day!"

Rachel Chua, Victoria Junior College (2016)

Testimonial 2 for A Level Chemistry Tuition at Chemistry Domus

"Mr Chung is an incredibly patient and passionate teacher who is always willing to go the extra mile for any student. His online lessons have been extremely helpful in ensuring everyone was on track and he would clear any doubts we had. As an IB student, I have definitely learnt Chemistry more in depth and Mr Chung has eloquently explained any conceptual errors I had very well during his lessons as well as during consultations. I am very thankful that he was my tutor and he made the effort to understand more about the IB Chemistry syllabus and ensure that I did not fall behind.

The exam pointers and short-cut methods he taught us was extremely useful in helping us have more time to tackle other questions in the papers. I am very grateful for the video lessons and tutorials he uploaded online which I could always go back to for revisions and dispel any doubts I had about certain concepts whilst studying for my examinations. His constant reassurance and encouragement when I felt overwhelmed with the amount of content in this subject, definitely pushed me forward and allowed me to enjoy learning Chemistry.

Do join Chemistry Domus, I can guarantee that you will grow to love the subject under Mr Chung’s teaching and guidance! Thank you so much for believing in me, Mr Chung :)"

Genevieve Heng, St. Joseph's Institution (Independent) (2021)

"Mr Chung was an extremely great help in my A Level chemistry journey - having joined him after getting a U in my J1 mid-years, I subsequently got an A for my main paper in my Promotional exams after joining his tuition. 

The lessons are easy to follow and Mr Chung explains the concepts well. I felt that the fact that he asks students individually to answer simple questions helps to confirm our understanding of it, and the small class sizes are helpful too. On top of this, he is just a text away and answers questions readily.

I felt that a very great part of this tuition was the weekly practices such as MCQs we would have to do, as I felt that over time, I definitely got better at doing the MCQs. Mr Chung is also very encouraging even if sometimes we don’t do so well, so I’d really recommend this tuition as it helped me improve and understand chemistry better. "

Katelyn Choo, Victoria Junior College (2021)

"I only joined Chemistry Domus in the later part of my JC2 year. Prior to this, I struggled when it came down to my self-revision for Chemistry because my efforts were not reflected in my results. As a newer student and thus lacking behind in class, I really appreciated Mr Chung’s recorded lectures and practice papers. The weekly online lessons I attended then further helped me identify any further gaps in my learning. Furthermore, I could also easily clarify any questions I had outside of lesson hours via Whatsapp where Mr Chung was very quick to reply

Under Mr Chung’s guidance, I managed to gain a better understanding of the individual topics and become less afraid of the subject I was previously intimidated by. I saw my greatest improvement in my Prelim results and my overall attempt at the paper. 

Mr Chung is a really great Chemistry tutor who is experienced and dedicated. I am really thankful for his unwavering help towards the A levels. Thank you Mr Chung!"

Kelley Lau, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2021)

"Before joining Mr Chung's class, I often found it very difficult to grasp Chemistry concepts and didn't enjoy learning the subject. However, with Mr Chung's patience and dedication, I began to conquer my fears of Chemistry and appreciate it. 

I like his lessons because they are engaging and comfortably paced which gave me sufficient time to digest the information. Moreover, the worksheets he prepared exposed me to various challenging questions which better equipped me for exams. The WhatsApp consultation and his concise explanations were beneficial for me to comprehend complex concepts and gain confidence in tackling Chemistry. As a passionate and committed teacher, Mr Chung would go the extra mile to provide additional online practices and give personalized feedback and study tips. In addition to the aforementioned, the online review videos were especially helpful as they allowed me the freedom to review certain concepts at my own time. In order to polish my skills, I would also utilize the past year questions and MCQ feedback available online. I never had to worry about being underprepared as Mr Chung provided a plethora of resources for me to use.

I am really grateful to Mr Chung for always encouraging me and never giving up on me. As I have benefitted from Mr Chung's lessons, I would definitely recommend other students at their wit's end to join."

Annabella Choo, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2021)

"Mr Chung is a very dedicated and passionate chemistry teacher. He helped me tremendously especially in the beginning when I struggled with simple concepts. I am extremely grateful for the WhatsApp consultation sessions that allowed me to clear my doubts for certain concepts.

Moreover, the notes contain concise summaries, question types and practice questions which I found immensely helpful. The topical revisions allowed me to consistently practice examination questions as the examinations drew closer.

The delivery of the lessons were clear-cut and easy to follow, be it online or in real life. Even though the lessons moved online due to COVID-19, the delivery of lessons were not affected. Every student in class was given adequate attention to ensure that no one is left behind. Furthermore, Mr Chung would also often give us tips and tricks to make learning easier. 

Overall, I enjoyed my time learning chemistry from Mr Chung. If you are facing difficulties in chemistry, do not hesitate to join Chemistry Domus!"

Seah Jia Yi, Victoria Junior College (2020)

"Mr Chung is a patient and caring teacher who really helped me a lot in Chemistry while i was struggling especially in the first half of J1, usually obtaining a U or S grade for most tests. After joining his classes, a lot of the concepts I was initially struggling with, I found much easier and it actually made me enjoy learning Chemistry. He is always more than willing to help clear any doubts I have with regards to both school work, or work he gives during class. Thanks to Mr Chung’s guidance, I managed to get a B for prelim and ultimately and A for A Levels.
Overall, I do believe joining Chemistry Domus definitely helped me not just academically but made me enjoy the subject too, and hopefully those intending to join will feel the same! :)"

Laetitia Hong, National Junior College (2020)

"I started attending Mr Chung’s class at the start of my JC journey in 2019. Before attending his class, I felt very lost and was unable to grasp the basic concepts in the first few topics of Chemistry. After I attended a few weeks of his classes, I began to slowly understand and grasp the various concepts with the help of Mr Chung, as evident from my promotional exam chemistry grade which is an A.

I benefitted greatly from Mr Chung’s consultation sessions online and offline, especially during the last few weeks before the A levels, he was very patient and meticulous in correcting my misconceptions after class. Mr Chung even provided all students free past year papers prior to every major exam to give us the opportunity to practise higher order thinking questions which was very useful for me.

I can sense how Mr Chung truly wants to benefit all his students with his passion in teaching Chemistry. Besides this, during the circuit breaker, Mr Chung was swift to switch to online learning classes to ensure we do not lose out in learning. I am genuinely grateful and lucky to find the right chemistry tutor who truly wants to help his students. With Mr Chung’s help, I am more confident in approaching chemistry questions. Thank you Mr Chung!"

Tan Wei Yarn, Catholic Junior College (2020)

"I only started lessons with Mr Chung towards the end of J2, but I can confidently say that he is one of the most dedicated teachers I ever had. As I was relatively new to the class, there were a lot of answering techniques and concepts that I wasn’t familiar with, but Mr Chung always made sure I was able to understand and keep up with the rest of the class, providing me with extra topical practices to sharpen my skills.

Mr Chung’s teaching materials are detailed and were very helpful during my revision. Before our exams, he would provide us with useful exam tips and was always encouraging us to keep striving. One piece of advice that Mr Chung gave me was to “fight the right battles” and it really taught me the importance of not allowing our setbacks to stop us from moving forward. It was a very short but fruitful five months being Mr Chung’s student, and I have gained so much, be it chemistry knowledge or other life lessons. Thank you, Mr Chung!"

Faith Lim, Raffles Institution (2019)

"Mr Chung is a highly knowledgeable and patient Chemistry teacher. He understands the struggles that weaker students are going through, and often goes the extra mile by drawing out flowcharts and diagrams to make sure that every student understands the content, even if this means that lessons often extend beyond the stipulated time. The notes given during lessons are detailed and contain various practice questions to aid us in the application of concepts we have learnt, which I believe is the toughest part of A-level Chemistry.

After just a few months in Chemistry Domus, I improved from an S grade (38th percentile) during my mid-year examinations to a B grade (61st percentile) during the Promotional examination, and finally achieved an 86th percentile for my Prelim examination. Due to the pointers and application tips given during lessons, I was able to overcome my fear of Chemistry questions.

The small class size allowed Mr Chung to assist every student personally via immediate correction of mistakes and also encouraged us to voice out any questions or misconceptions. Mr Chung would personally guide us through various questions, and would also show us the different ways to approach questions, allowing us to be better equipped to answer tough questions.

If you too are having difficulties in mastering Chemistry, please do not hesitate to join Chemistry Domus!"

Chong Wei Xin, Victoria Junior College (2018)

"Mr Chung is a passionate and patient teacher who would always answer my queries promptly on Whatsapp, allowing my doubts to be instantly clarified. In addition to teaching us fundamental chemistry knowledge needed for A levels, he would also give interesting science information as supplements to help crystallise our understanding of chemistry in the real world. He also captures key concepts that are important and summarises them into big themes, which I personally felt were vital to understanding Chemistry.

Moreover, the small class size was very helpful in that Mr Chung could personally inspect our work and give immediate feedback by pointing out mistakes. The time-based practices done in class have also enabled me to be able to manage my time better in the exams, giving me confidence in doing exam questions. I would highly recommend Chemistry Domus!"

Ray Kong, Victoria Junior College (2019)

"Mr Chung is a very enthusiastic and passionate tutor. He focuses on giving clear explanations to ensure that we understand the underlying concepts. He is very dedicated and always prompt us to clarify any doubts after or before lesson. He is also willing to answer our questions via Whatsapp!

He makes learning Chemistry less dreadful, and I really enjoyed the Organic Chemistry crash course during the June holidays as it helped me to memorise the entire Organic Chemistry content so effortlessly and I honestly fell in love with Organic Chemistry after those few sessions!"

Yong Zixin, Raffles Institution (2019)

"Mr Chung is a very dedicated teacher who always spends time after lessons just to answer all our queries, and on top of that, through whatsapp too! He explains concepts really clearly and gave lots of information that is beyond the school notes. He made sure to check how everyone is doing while the lesson is ongoing.

With all the practice, I managed to get an A with just half a year of his lessons, even though i was at the bottom 20% of the cohort. I highly recommend Mr Chung."

Teo Gui Hua, Nanyang Junior College (2018)

"Mr Chung was a very patient and passionate teacher who always encouraged us to ask questions and clear up our misconceptions. I have benefited greatly through his WhatsApp consultations outside of class as i was able to clear my misconceptions on the spot when i encounter any difficulties. Moreover, he provided ample practices and test papers that helped strengthen my understanding and foundation in Chemistry. With the help of Mr Chung’s meticulously prepared notes and summaries my chemistry has improved immensely!"

Germaine Ho, St Andrew's Junior College (2020)

"I joined Mr Chung's classes at a later stage. During my first lesson, I thought I would feel out of place and left out, but Mr Chung made sure that I felt comfortable and that I was able to follow the lesson.

Mr Chung is a really passionate and patient tutor. At first, I felt awkward to ask Mr Chung question but he often encourages me to clear up my misconceptions. I did not think that my misconception can be clarified through explanation on WhatsApp. However, I was really surprised at how detailed and clear Mr Chung’s reply was. It was really helpful to have this WhatsApp consultation as I can clear my misunderstanding promptly.

During lessons, Mr Chung uses diagram and models to help students visualise structures, such the VSEPR shape. The worksheet used during lessons provides important points to take note and also exposes students to the possible types of questions. Furthermore, Mr Chung provides clear and detailed answers for school papers and TYS. Mr Chung often kept track of students’ progress to ensure that they are improving.

After the first few lessons, I felt that I could understand Chemistry better, this made learning Chemistry more interesting and fun. Overall, I felt that Mr Chung’s lessons are really beneficial and I regret not joining earlier."

Tan Wei Lin, Victoria Junior College (2018)

"Mr Chung was an extremely patient, dedicated and attentive teacher. He often provided help that extended beyond the usual lesson timing, including Q&A sessions before and after lessons, as well as questions asked through WhatsApp. The answers he provided were thorough, detailed and clear, allowing me to not only understand the solutions, but also the concepts behind each question, such that I could apply the skills learnt to other similar questions. Papers from different schools were also provided at a weekly basis, and answers were sent via email within 1-2 days, which was definitely of extremely great help to me during my revision process.

During lessons, we are often encouraged to answer questions to ensure that we are keeping up with the pace. Mr Chung is very attentive in terms of being able to notice when one seems lost. In addition, by maintaining a small class size, he is able to address every student properly. The small class size is also a great help for me to voice out my concerns and misconceptions.

If you are looking for a Chemistry class that is interesting and engaging, a Chemistry teacher that is highly efficient, and is able to clear all your doubts (which I personally feel is of utmost importance) in the shortest time possible, I suggest that you look no further and join Chemistry Domus! Mr Chung is definitely a teacher I would greatly recommend :)"

Yong Ziyi, Temasek Junior College (2019)

"Mr Chung is definitely a very caring and enthusiastic teacher. He answers any questions quickly and in a detailed manner as well, ensuring that we fully grasp concepts before moving on. He also answers questions very readily online, even in the night. His self-designed worksheets also contain exam tips and tricks to make sure we can solve questions quickly and correctly.

Thanks to him, I managed to clinch an A in my A levels. I highly recommend Chemistry Domus because you will definitely benefit as much as I did!"

Jeraldine Poh, Victoria Junior College (2018)

"Desperate to improve my Chemistry grades, I decided to join Mr Chung's tuition as several friends recommended him. By the end of the first month under Mr Chung, I regretted not joining earlier. The exercises done in class, which targeted important concepts, coupled with Mr Chung's clear explanation had really made Chemistry so much more manageable. Mr Chung would always reply to my queries promptly even late at night. As my misconceptions were cleared, I understood Chemistry better and have since grown an interest for it. I am really thankful to be taught under him as he is very patient, dedicated, caring, and of course, knowledgeable about chemistry. I would definitely recommend my juniors to join Mr Chung to make their [Chemistry] journey an enjoyable and fruitful one. Thank you Mr Chung!"

Sarah Ting, Victoria Junior College (2017)

"Before attending Mr Chung’s tuition, I thought I had no chance of getting an A for H2 chemistry. I had struggled with Chemistry since secondary school and even more so in JC. This was made worse,  as there was a big gap between tutorial questions and exam questions, and not all teachers would help you cross it.

However, with Mr Chung’s help, I could study chemistry so much more efficiently. His explanations were clear and easy to understand, which allowed me to grasp the concept and key points without painfully memorising the notes, and I could move on to consolidate the topic with his carefully selected questions, that would prepare you for exams.

I’m quite certain that any student that join Mr Chung’s tuition will see improvement in their Chemistry in a short period of time."

Huang Nanxi, Victoria Junior College (2018)

"Having had a bad start in my first year in JC, I was desperate to find Chemistry tuition upon receiving my Promos results. Mr Chung was patient when teaching me the basics and was passionate in helping his students. Chemistry seems to much less of a difficult subject and I have come to enjoy the subject much more after attending Mr Chung’s lessons! I can remember the content more efficiently especially for Organic Chemistry, because of how Mr Chung explained the mechanism to make it easier to understand. Overall, I highly recommend Mr Chung’s classes!"

Esther Poh, National Junior College (2018)

"Chemistry Domus has been a great help in helping me to understand Chemistry. Mr Chung helped me to understand Chemistry concepts through a very structured approach, explaining the "why" behind concepts rather than just going through route memorisation. I believe that this has made me more open to trying to understand new ideas where I was previously fearful about encountering a new concept. Mr Chung has also been very patient with me, always offering help whenever I need it in class or over WhatsApp. Through Mr Chung's lessons, I have seen myself improve over the course of time especially in the study break before A Levels, where Mr Chung would assign us papers and make sure that we are accountable to attempt the papers which really made a significant impact in our confidence levels going into the A Levels. Thanks Mr Chung for all the help!!"

Xavier Woon, Meridian Junior College (2018)

"I started chemistry tuition at Chemistry Domus almost halfway into J2 when I realised that I was still lagging behind for Chemistry. In particular, I was struggling with Organic Chemistry but I was able to become more comfortable with Organic Chemistry in a short period of time after joining tuition here. I am also really thankful that Mr Chung is always patient when helping me clear my doubts and conscientious in helping me analyse how to answer questions better."

Jessica Leow, Raffles Institution (2019)

"What I like best about Mr Chung is that he takes time and effort to break down concepts, before or after classes, that we may find challenging. His explanations cater well to our level of understanding. Also, not forgetting the little tips and tricks in chapters that are not always in our syllabus, but which make the thought process easier."

Christian Villanueva, Catholic Junior College (2019)

"Mr Chung is a caring teacher who makes sure everyone in class has the correct understanding of Chemistry so that we can ace the subject. I personally appreciate the discussion approach during Mr Chung’s lessons since it helps us better our understanding, learn from our mistakes, and boost our confidence. The small class setting also makes consulting Mr Chung very easy while doing in-class questions. The materials prepared by Mr Chung are very useful and have helped me with a greater exposure to various types of questions."

Richie Chua, Temasek Junior College (2017)

"Mr Chung’s lessons have always been engaging. He made difficult concepts easier to understand, and he also sometimes gave us extra information regarding the topic, which I personally liked it as it helped me to understand the topic better and my interest for Chemistry grew more. The materials were useful as well. He is also a dedicated teacher, who always answered questions we had through WhatsApp, and also stayed back after class to clarify all the doubts we had."

Hiromi Foo, Temasek Junior College (2017)

"In the short 3 months that I was under Mr Chung, genuinely speaking, I thought why didn’t I sign up for this earlier. My percentile jumped from 23% to 88% in just a short span of time, to be exact, from CT2 to prelims, and my improvement has to be credited to Mr Chung’s teaching.

Not only was Mr Chung patient and understanding, he manages to cater learning to both the stronger and weaker students, even in a group setting. In fact the greatest strength of his was his dedication. He never fails to answer questions promptly over whatsapp, even when it is late at night, not mentioning him staying up late before our major papers just to be there if we needed him.

As for the materials that we go though in class, much thought had been given into them to give us the best exposure to a wide range of questions and difficulty. In my short time in this tuition, I saw many of my fellow tuition mates improved leaps, and if you find yourself struggling with chemistry, here's the solution!"

Ho Yi Jing, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung is a highly committed and knowledgeable teacher. The material he gave covered a wide range of important concepts and question types, giving greater exposure. His lessons were interactive as he encouraged us to answer and ask questions. Always approachable, he often went out of his way to clarify all our doubts, even if it meant exceeding lesson time. He has the ability to elucidate confusing concepts and provide clear explanations. The lessons were instrumental in giving me a higher level of preparedness and helping me to improve. More importantly, his efforts allowed me to develop a greater understanding for chemistry, as well as appreciation and interest."

Lee Joon Jie, Hwa Chong Institution (2016)

"Joining Mr Chung's class is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My Chemistry percentile jumped from 16% in Block Test 2 to 60% for the prelims. The lessons are concise and packed with relevant information and questions that I can recall and apply in exams. I highly recommend Mr Chung's class to all my juniors."

Ge Mingxuan, St Andrew's Junior College (2017)

"Mr Chung is a very dedicated teacher who monitors our revision and progress closely. Even though i was not doing well, Mr Chung was extremely patient and supportive during my preparation for 'A' levels. He continues to encourage me to clear my doubts and give exam tips in class. Mr Chung is willing to go further to help us by answering questions through WhatsApp. Thank you."

Ho Jing Ling, National Junior College (2018)

"Mr Chung prepares good and comprehensive resources for each lesson and he also provides ample practice. He is patient when answering questions, be it after class or through WhatsApp. I have gained greater confidence in Chemistry through his lessons and I will recommend it to others!"

Wang Kai Qing, National Junior College (2018)

"Mr Chung is a very patient tutor who never fails to resolve any difficulty I face with the subject. As long as he has the time, he will not hesitate to help his students before and after class, as well as online. Unlike many other tuition centres, his classes are also very engaging as he constantly uses questions to check the understanding of every student instead of directly providing us with the answers. Overall, his classes have benefitted me greatly and helped me to deepen my understanding as well as appreciation for the subject. Highly recommended."

Jasmine Chen, Victoria Junior College (2018)

"Mr Chung is an extremely dedicated and passionate Chemistry teacher, and under him, I was able to see gradual improvements in my H2 Chemistry grades. His teaching materials are very helpful as they come with challenging questions from various schools and include important notes and summaries about the chapter. This allows us to be exposed to questions of different difficulty and helps us consolidate what we have learnt in the lesson. Mr Chung also adopts the round robin method in getting students to answer questions, ensuring we are all engaged and paying attention in class.

He is very patient in answering our queries and will use different methods to get us to understand concepts. He also goes the extra mile to make sure we can learn more under him, evident through his weekly Skype sessions with us. During these sessions, he will go through questions that he has given to us previously to do at home and we can clarify our mistakes and queries through these sessions conveniently. I found these sessions very useful."

Lea Lim, Nanyang Junior College (2017)

"Mr Chung was always patient in answering my questions, no matter during or after lessons. Moreover, the online sessions that he conducted were very useful because they aided me in understanding better certain chemistry ideas that i needed more time to conceptualise. With Mr Chung's lessons, i am better able to clarify certain misconceptions and in turn, feel more comfortable when doing chemistry papers."

Qing En, Serangoon Junior College (2017)

"Mr Chung is an easy-going and knowledgeable teacher. He was able to make learning Chemistry more interesting and easier to understand. In order to make sure that his students understood the content he had gone through during class, he would not mind extending the lesson for a short while even though he could just says times up and get everyone to leave. I was glad that i chose to join this tuition centre and definitely would recommend anyone who is currently facing difficulties with H2 chemistry to join Chemistry Domus"

Lim Jing Cheng, St Andrew's Junior College (2017)

"Mr Chung is a dedicated teacher who also has a passion for teaching. He is willing to go the extra mile in providing us with weekly online tutorial sessions for the MCQ papers that he would distribute to us as an extra revision resource on top of the weekly in-class revision worksheets, which I personally find it beneficial in improving my understanding and strengthening my foundation for Chemistry.

Moreover, he would also cover related content that is outside of the syllabus for us to understand and grasp the concepts better, which allows for a more holistic learning of Chemistry as a subject. If you are looking for a tutor who is able to deepen your understanding of Chemistry, he is definitely the one that you should go for."

Michelle Ng, Temasek Junior College (2017)

"Thank you sir for all the sincere efforts to help me do better in chem: printing out multiple practice papers for us nearing A levels, compiling comprehensive notes and making chemistry fun to me. Lessons were always very productive, with every minute well-planned, and having tougher or more meaningful questions selected for us, (even with extra questions and answers to help us understand better).

A huge thank you for all the extra effort put in to answer our questions, in class or via whatsapp and taking time after class to explain to me how to solve questions no matter how confused or weak I was (especially at the beginning), patiently and determined to teach us."

Cherie Lim Yuet Wei, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung is a dedicated and patient teacher, with extensive knowledge of chemistry concepts and the JC syllabus. He encourages active participation during lessons, allowing us to grasp key concepts while addressing our mistakes and misconceptions. Mr Chung's worksheets and learning materials are very useful, as they cover the fundamentals, as well as higher-level concepts of each chapter. Mr Chung also shares important exam skills, enabling us to perform better under time constraints. "

Lee Jun Yu, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung, as a tutor, not only fulfils the requirements in terms of teaching flair but most importantly nurtures a love for chemistry in his students, especially me. Mr Chung's style of teaching is incredibly open and inquisitive, allowing for someone like me to question and wonder, satisfying my natural curiosities with his patience. I am thankful for the opportunity for inspiration that he has given to all his students. His work etiquette is terrific and his commitment to helping his students is unquestioned. It has truly been an honour working and learning together with him."

Chia Yee Cheng, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung is a dedicated teacher who never fails to make lessons enjoyable. He tries his best to create a warm and safe environment for his students which encourages his students to be more confident in expressing their views and opinions. Mr Chung is also highly capable in simplifying complex concepts which can be better absorbed by his students. He also goes out of his reach to help his students in any way he can, be it via whatsapp or in real life. After joining his tuition services, my chemistry foundation was strengthened and this made me more confident when attempting the past year papers."

Mohamad Haziq B Mohamad H, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung is a truly nice and friendly teacher who genuinely cares for his students. He is very patient and would not hesitate to clear any doubts from them. Not only during lessons, he clarifies concepts and questions even out of the classroom, despite it possibly eating into his own leisure time. He constantly urged us to think critically and never failed to encourage us if we doubted ourselves. Mr Chung also takes time to learn more about his students to find the best way to teach them."

Yap Fang Ying, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung’s lessons helped me to improve my knowledge of chemistry tremendously. I liked that every week he would give us a worksheet for a specific topic and it helped me recap what I had learned about that topic. The worksheet he gave always had challenging questions which really helped me to prepare for my school exams. He would also give us a paper to do every week and it helped me to keep consistent in my revision. 

Mr Chung allows us to whatsapp him our questions whenever we need help. He is very knowledgeable about the subject and knows the syllabus very well. His lessons helped me to gain confidence in Chemistry. He is really patient and will explain the concepts again and again until I understood it. 

Closer to the A levels he gave us timed practices and more practice papers that he went through during the tuition lesson. I feel that all the practice had really helped me fully prepare myself for the A levels. "

Ayesha Habeeb, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung is a very experienced and patient teacher who always ensures that all his students are clear on a particular concept before moving on. His passion and proficiency in Chemistry makes him an excellent teacher of this subject. The worksheets he provides in classes are a great way to learn the subject; by practicing on actual A level and prelim paper questions and helps us to prepare for our exams well. The close guidance by Mr Chung has really helped me to improve my grades in Chemistry greatly and also developed my passion for this subject. Joining Mr Chung's class was a great decision as i could turn my grades around for the better."

Ishmael Nassier Nicholas, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung’s classes were always fruitful as they allowed me to comprehend the underlying concepts of the topics in the syllabus. He makes us tackle one topic each week and addressed key points of each topic by going through challenging questions to ensure we are exposed to them. He also gave us a practice paper every week to attempt which broadened my learning significantly.

Mr Chung is a very patient tutor who was willing to address any question the class had. He also responds to any doubts i had out of class through whatsapp.

Personally I have seen myself improve in Chemistry as a result of Mr Chung’s lessons. I have been more confident in answering tough questions."

Sollehin Fathurrahman, Victoria Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung's lessons helped me understand and grasp chemistry concepts better. He is very knowledgeable and is a committed teacher who answers questions promptly through whatsapp, and also spends time before and after lessons to clarify any doubts that we have. I personally like the resources and tips provided by Mr Chung, as it helps me prepare for examinations. Mr Chung has helped me gain more confidence and also develop a greater interest in this subject."

Feng Hui, Temasek Junior College (2017)

"Mr Chung is a dedicated teacher who never hesitates to answer our questions after class and even on whatsapp before major papers. In class, he constantly poses questions to us such that we will keep reinforcing important concepts. He is also always available to provide us with the help we need which we no doubt greatly appreciate."

Mindy Peck, Victoria Junior College (2017)

"Mr Chung has been one of the most caring, dedicated and capable chemistry tutors i ever had. He also invokes an interest for the subject, has yummy goodies for us in every lesson, and tends to go overtime but I appreciate that. Thank you for your guidance!!"

Eric Tan, Temasek Junior College (2016)

"Mr Chung's lessons were always interesting and I felt that he was a responsible teacher. The materials provided were really useful as well. Mr Chung would always make sure that we participated actively during his lessons, and he would never hesitate to correct our misunderstandings and clear our misconceptions."

Sheryl Lim, Hwa Chong Institution (2012)

"Mr Chung is a passionate chemistry teacher who is willing to go the extra mile just to explain a particular chemistry concept. He is someone who will make sure that at the end of the class,every one of us understood the gist that he was trying to impart. Not only that, Mr Chung actively encouraged our participation in class. This has stimulated my critical thinking skills and spurred me to ask more questions. Soon, I developed a fondness of chemistry and I did well in the exam."

Tan Xiao Yun, Jurong Junior College (2013)

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