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Since 2012, Chung has been helping students achieve their goals for A Level Chemistry, a subject that has become increasingly integrative and application driven. As such, besides the facts and content expected of an A Level Chemistry student, a deep and holistic understanding of how all the different topics integrate is required to perform well for the A Levels.

With a Master’s in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Nutritional Science, Chung is in a unique position to impart the theoretical rigours, as well as the practicalities of the syllabus, from applications in petrochemical plants to biochemical processes.

At Chemistry Domus, content lessons consist of concise lectures followed by the active solving of questions to solidify understanding and learn exam skills. This is facilitated by the small group classes, where Chung can check the work of all students and give individual pointers.

Join Chung at Chemistry Domus now, where he will help you achieve a sound grasp of fundamental concepts in JC Chemistry, truly understand the relevance of what you are studying, and ultimately, be exam ready for the A Levels.

Master Concepts

Gain a holistic understsanding of JC Chemistry.


Connect the dots between different topics and experience the "aha" moment.

Learn Actively

Our groups are small at a maximum of 12 students, so you can participate actively in class, and get personalised attention from Chung as he inspects your work individually.

Be Exam Ready

Work with specifically curated prelim and A Level questions.

Weekly timed-practices on our online portal with detailed explanations.

WhatsApp Consultation

Consult 1-1 with Chung before or after regular classes.

Have access to Chung all the time, as he encourages the clearing up of doubts and concepts on whatsapp.

Academic Rigour

Chung has excelled at the most rigourous schools in Singapore and the U.S., and can help to impart important academic skills required for students to do well in the system.


Our physical locations are conveniently located in the East, at PARKWAY CENTREBEDOK CENTRAL, and CENTROPOD (EUNOS).

Academic Rigour

Chung has excelled at the most rigourous schools in Singapore and the U.S., and can help to impart important academic skills required for students to do well in the system.

Matthew Chan, Dunman High School (2023)

"Initially, I had a weak grasp of Chemistry, but with Mr Chung’s help, I was able to gain a solid foundation and understanding of the subject, which allowed me to develop an interest in Chemistry. I scored an E for Chemistry in my J1 Promotional exam, and thereafter took up classes with Mr Chung. Under his guidance, within about half a year, I was able to improve my grade to an A in my J2 mid-year exam."

Kesha Soon, Temasek Junior College (2022)

"Not only did Chemistry Domus helped to clear misunderstood concepts, it had also improved my Chemistry grades from the usual Bs and Cs to As."

Katelyn Choo, Victoria Junior College (2021)

"Mr Chung was an extremely great help in my A Level chemistry journey - having joined him after getting a U in my J1 mid-years, I subsequently got an A for my main paper in my Promotional exams after joining his tuition."

Zhang Jie, Dunman High School (2020):

"... Under Mr Chung's tutelage, my chemistry results improved drastically: from S in the March Common Test, to B in the Mid Year Exams, and A during Prelims."

Laetitia Hong, National Junior College (2020):

"Mr Chung is a patient and caring teacher who really helped me a lot in Chemistry while i was struggling especially in the first half of J1, usually obtaining a U or S grade for most tests ... Thanks to Mr Chung’s guidance, I managed to get a B for prelim and ultimately and A for A Levels."

Gwendolyn Heng, Victoria Junior College (2019):

"Before joining Chemistry Domus, I struggled with many topics in the chemistry syllabus despite going for consultations and studying for longer hours, consistently getting an E / S for my exams and timed assignments. Frustrated, I decided to join the June crash course programme in J2 (and subsequently the regular lessons). Despite joining so late, joining for that few months improved my results tremendously from an E (39th percentile) at CT1 to a B (70-75th percentile) at both CT2 and Prelims."

Jessica Leow, Raffles Institution (2019):

"Mr Chung is a really dedicated teacher who goes out of the way to help his students better understand chemistry concepts and score in exams. I joined later in J2 but was able to score an A during my A levels due to Mr Chung’s patient guidance."

Elisia Brispalma W., Nanyang Junior College (2019):

"... Mr Chung is an uplifting teacher. He never fails to remind us the importance of the basics, and as I built a strong foundation in the subject, he helped me gain confidence in Chemistry. My Chemistry grades improved tremendously from an 'S' in JC 1 Block Test to a 'B' in the Promos and an 'A' in the Prelim exams."

Chong Wei Xin, Victoria Junior College (2018):

"Mr Chung is a highly knowledgeable and patient Chemistry teacher ... After just a few months in Chemistry Domus, I improved from an S grade (38th percentile) during my mid-year examinations to a B grade (61st percentile) during the Promotional examination, and finally achieved an 86th percentile for my Prelim examination."

Gladys Koh, National Junior College (2018):

"Before joining Chemistry Domus, I was extremely lost in many H2 chemistry topics, especially Organic Chemistry. I had been scoring S for my school assessments constantly. Under desperate worry for my A-levels, I decided to look for help from Chemistry Domus during May in J2 ... Mr Chung believed in my capability and encouraged me on. Thankfully, with all the effort I had put in and Mr Chung’s effective teaching, I managed to obtain an A for my A Levels."

Teo Gui Hua, Nanyang Junior College (2018):

"Mr Chung is a very dedicated teacher who always spends time after lessons just to answer all our queries, and on top of that, through whatsapp too ... With all the practice, I managed to get an A with just half a year of his lessons, even though i was at the bottom 20% of the cohort."

Ho Yi Jing, Victoria Junior College (2016):

"In the short 3 months that I was under Mr Chung, genuinely speaking, I thought why didn’t I sign up for this earlier. My percentile jumped from 23% to 88% in just a short span of time, to be exact, from CT2 to prelims, and my improvement has to be credited to Mr Chung’s teaching."

Ge Mingxuan, St Andrew's Junior College (2017):

"Joining Mr Chung's class is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My Chemistry percentile jumped from 16% in Block Test 2 to 60% for the prelims."

Rachel Chua, Victoria Junior College (2016):

"... My experience at Chemistry Domus was amazing and it was definitely one of the reasons why my result improved by 5 grades in a short span of 2.5 months."

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Master Concepts

Gain a holistic understsanding of JC Chemistry.

Connect the dots between different topics and experience the "aha" moment.

Over the years, the A Level exams has become increasingly application-based. Mastery of the core content is crucial, but the ability to apply concepts across topics is evermore critical to excelling in the exam. As such, Chung always teaches from the perspective of first fully understanding fundamental concepts, then applying those concepts across different topics, and finally learning specific exams skills to tackle particular question types.

Jed Tan, Victoria Junior College (2023)

"What stood out to me was [Mr Chung's] teaching style – far from simply providing answers, he took a profound approach, guiding me towards understanding concepts on a deeper level. Instead of spoon-feeding solutions, he often posed thought-provoking questions that pinpointed where I erred, allowing me to recognise and rectify the root cause of my mistakes so I would not make them again."

Li Zhi Cheng, Victoria Junior College (2022)

"... before joining Mr Chung, I had a very lackluster understanding of Chemistry and did not do well for exams, but with Mr Chung's guidance and his online videos, I steadily improved and understood more about chemistry. He is a great teacher who knows a lot about the subject."

Saadhana Ramesh, Raffles Institution (2022)

"I just want to say thank you so much for all the support and guidance you've given! ... I learnt so much because you taught every concept in such a clear and understandable way. Finally being able to understand Chemistry properly allowed me to appreciate the subject so much more, which really helped me build confidence."

Tessa Chen, Victoria Junior College (2021)

"Through my two years, I’ve gained so much, in both a stronger understanding of chemistry concepts as well as confidence in my own abilities ... it was immensely helpful to have Mr Chung’s lessons guide me through the key concepts in a clear, succinct and comprehensive manner. It was incredibly suited to my learning style, where mindmaps, summaries and a ‘one question at a time’ approach helped me solidify and consolidate my learning."

Zhang Jie, Dunman High School (2020):

"Mr Chung is a very passionate teacher who is able to instil important concepts into students with relative ease ..."

Xu Kuang, Temasek Junior College (2019):

"... Mr Chung is really the best Chemistry teacher I’ve had throughout my 12 years of education under MOE. He is not only knowledgable, but he is able to inculcate concepts with ease ...... His constant motive of wanting us to understand concepts instead of memorising them has even inspired me to take up H3 Chemistry in J2!"

Yong Zixin, Raffles Institution (2019):

"Mr Chung makes learning Chemistry less dreadful, and I really enjoyed the Organic Chemistry crash course during the June holidays as it helped me to memorise the entire Organic Chemistry content so effortlessly and I honestly fell in love with Organic Chemistry after those few sessions!"

Huang Nanxi, Victoria Junior College (2018):

"With Mr Chung’s help, I could study chemistry so much more efficiently. His explanations were clear and easy to understand, which allowed me to grasp the concept and key points without painfully memorising the notes, and I could move on to consolidate the topic with his carefully selected questions, that would prepare you for exams."

Teo Gui Hua, Nanyang Junior College (2018):

"Mr Chung is a very dedicated teacher who explains concepts really clearly and gave lots of information that is beyond the school notes ..."

Sim Wen Fei, Victoria Junior College (2017):

"... Mr Chung's lessons allow us to easily master difficult concepts which we often find hard to understand in school for various reasons. He would tailor his way of teaching in order to suit us and ensure that we completely understand the concepts."

Hatim Omar, Meridian Junior College (2016):

"... Mr Chung instills confidence and ensures inclusiveness by giving everyone an opportunity to answer the questions being discussed for that lesson. He always takes the time to explain each and every concept very carefully, making sure everyone understands it before moving on to the next concept."

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Learn Actively

Our groups are small at a maximum of 12 students, so you can participate actively in class, and get personalised attention from Chung as he inspects your work individually.

Education cannot be one-size-fits-all. Different students learn at different speeds, and no matter how clear a lecture can be, students will walk away with different sets of questions and gaps in their learning. As such, Chung insists on not only a small class size, but also a classroom arrangement where he can walk right next to any student and inspect their work during the class. He can therefore have a clear sense of the learning progress of each student, and cater subsequent explanations accordingly. With a small class size, Chung also has sufficient time to answer individual questions from students before or after class.

Koh Chu Ling, Victoria Junior College (2023)

"... not only did I see a drastic improvement in my grades, but I found joy in learning ... Additionally, [Mr Chung's] patience and passion has provided me a conducive learning environment, where I have never feared to make a mistake."

Joelle Sim, Victoria Junior College (2022)

"I appreciated that Mr Chung was very clear in his explanations and did not spoon-feed us answers during both the online and physical lessons. This made lessons more productive as I was actively learning."

Tessa Chen, Victoria Junior College (2021)

"Mr Chung is incredibly dedicated to helping each and every student, checking on our progress throughout the lesson and ensuring that no one falls behind. The small-group environment made it easy for a soft-spoken individual like myself to raise queries and clear up my misconceptions."

Tan Wei Yarn, Catholic Junior College (2020):

"I benefitted greatly from Mr Chung’s consultation sessions online and offline, especially during the last few weeks before the A levels, he was very patient and meticulous in correcting my misconceptions after class ..."

Jasper Poh, Raffles Institution (2020):

"Mr Chung constantly checks our progress during lessons and ensures that the chemistry content is covered thoroughly, leaving us fully prepared for the chemistry exams."

Elisia Brispalma W., Nanyang Junior College (2019):

"... Mr Chung carefully examines our level of understanding and concept errors in class, thereby adjusting his teaching to cater to each student. He does so by making us answer questions and be engaged as opposed to passively absorbing knowledge. He routinely checks our verbal and written responses in class to quickly detect and correct any content gaps."

Ray Kong, Victoria Junior College (2019):

"... the small class size was very helpful in that Mr Chung could personally inspect our work and give immediate feedback by pointing out mistakes."

Yong Ziyi, Temasek Junior College (2019):

"During lessons, we are often encouraged to answer questions to ensure that we are keeping up with the pace. Mr Chung is very attentive in terms of being able to notice when one seems lost. In addition, by maintaining a small class size, he is able to address every student properly. The small class size is also a great help for me to voice out my concerns and misconceptions."

Lea Yap, Nanyang Junior College (2017):

"Mr Chung is a very patient and dedicated tutor. Whenever I don't understand a concept, he will always try his best to explain till I understand and never loses his cool. He also uses different methods to engage us in class, such as a round robin system of answering questions so we are all involved."

Richie Chua, Temasek Junior College (2017):

"... I personally appreciate the discussion approach during Mr Chung’s lessons since it helps us better our understanding, learn from our mistakes, and boost our confidence. The small class setting also makes consulting Mr Chung very easy while doing in-class questions."

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Work with specifically curated prelim and A Level questions.

Weekly timed-practices on our online portal with detailed explanations.

Be Exam Ready

Once a student has done sufficient review of content, the next step is to consistently and tirelessly practice exam questions. At Chemistry Domus, Chung has curated and compiled years of A Levels and school exam questions, so that students can hone their ability to apply the concepts and skills that they have learned, as well as improve their time management skills.

Joy Lim, Victoria Junior College (2023)

"... the implementation of MCQ and Structured Essay questions every week helped me to solidify my concepts and practice my theory consistently, so that I will not lose touch with them."

Ansley Tay, Victoria Junior College (2022)

"What helped me the most would be the extra practice papers Mr Chung provided which he would then look through to comment on so as to correct any of our misunderstandings. "

Joelle Sim, Victoria Junior College (2022):

"The past year paper practices and feedback that Mr Chung gave us were the most useful ... Overtime, this helped me to overcome the fear of doing Chemistry papers, which made me feel more prepared for exams ..."

Christopher Chew, Nanyang Junior College (2021):

"Mr Chung's lessons were highly engaging and discussive, which helped me greatly in grasping difficult concepts. The regular online practices were also very helpful to me close to major exams ..."

Seah Jia Yi, Victoria Junior College (2020):

"... the notes contain concise summaries, question types and practice questions which I found immensely helpful. The topical revisions allowed me to consistently practice examination questions as the examinations drew closer."

Faith Lim, Raffles Institution (2019):

"Mr Chung’s teaching materials are detailed and were very helpful during my revision. Before our exams, he would provide us with useful exam tips and was always encouraging us to keep striving."

Gladys Koh, National Junior College (2018):

"Mr Chung’s interesting chemistry lessons were also accompanied with his organised notes which include many helpful short exam pointers. The exam pointers along with the questions done in class were great revision materials for my exams and A-levels."

Jeraldine Poh, Victoria Junior College (2018):

"Mr Chung's self-designed worksheets contain exam tips and tricks to make sure we can solve questions quickly and correctly ... Thanks to him, I managed to clinch an A in my A levels."

Ge Mingxuan, St Andrew's Junior College (2017):

"Mr Chung's lessons are concise and packed with relevant information and questions that I can recall and apply in exams. I highly recommend Mr Chung's class to all my juniors."

Ayesha Habeeb, Victoria Junior College (2016):

"... I liked that every week Mr Chung would give us a worksheet for a specific topic and it helped me recap what I had learned about that topic. The worksheet he gave always had challenging questions which really helped me to prepare for my exams. He would also give us a paper to do every week and it helped me to keep consistent in my revision."

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Consult 1-1 with Chung before or after regular classes.

Have access to Chung all the time, as he encourages the clearing up of doubts and concepts on whatsapp.

WhatsApp Consultation

Jed Tan, Victoria Junior College (2023)

"... Crucially, the timely feedback provided after each practice was invaluable, where his almost instant responses at all times made it much less of a hassle when I met with challenging problems."

Hudson Wong, Raffles Institution (2022)

"... I was still confused with a complicated question after class and Mr Chung sent me a more detailed explanation which was easier to understand later that evening when he got home, and that was something I was very appreciative of. Beyond the classroom, Mr Chung always replies my text messages very quickly, and would do so even when I send many questions in a row."

Kelley Lau, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2021)

"Mr Chung is a really great Chemistry tutor who is experienced and dedicated ... I could also easily clarify any questions I had outside of lesson hours via Whatsapp where Mr Chung was very quick to reply."

Timothy Tan, National Junior College (2020):

"Mr Chung is a brilliant teacher who has helped me tremendously in improving my chemistry grades. I liked his WhatsApp consultation, where I can ask him countless questions and he will clear my doubts at the end of the day. In addition, he willingly stays back after class to answer my questions, no matter how long it will take him."

Tan Wei Lin, Victoria Junior College (2018):

"Mr Chung is a really passionate and patient tutor. At first, I felt awkward to ask Mr Chung question but he often encourages me to clear up my misconceptions. I did not think that my misconception can be clarified through explanation on WhatsApp. However, I was really surprised at how detailed and clear Mr Chung’s reply was. It was really helpful to have this WhatsApp consultation as I can clear my misunderstanding promptly."

Seah Jia Yi, Victoria Junior College (2020):

"Mr Chung is a very dedicated and passionate chemistry teacher. He helped me tremendously especially in the beginning when I struggled with simple concepts. I am extremely grateful for the WhatsApp consultation sessions that allowed me to clear my doubts for certain concepts."

Germaine Ho, St Andrew's Junior College (2020):

"Mr Chung was a very patient and passionate teacher who always encouraged us to ask questions and clear up our misconceptions. I have benefited greatly through his WhatsApp consultations outside of class as i was able to clear my misconceptions on the spot when i encounter any difficulties."

Ho Yi Jing, Victoria Junior College (2016):

"... In fact the greatest strength of Mr Chung's was his dedication. He never fails to answer questions promptly over WhatsApp, even when it is late at night, not mentioning him staying up late before our major papers just to be there if we needed him."

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JC 2 Classes

Wed 7:45 pm

Bedok Central

Thurs 6 pm

Online Interactive Class

Fri 5:30 pm

Parkway Centre

Sat 10 am

Centropod (Paya Lebar - Eunos)

JC 1 Classes

Tues 5:30 pm

Centropod (Paya Lebar - Eunos)

Wed 5:30 pm

Bedok Central

Thurs 8:15 pm

Online Interactive Class

Fri 7:45 pm

Parkway Centre

Sat 1 pm

Centropod (Paya Lebar - Eunos)

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Chung has built an on-demand video library for the entire A Level H2 Chemistry syllabus.

Regular students of Chemistry Domus will be able to watch (and rewatch) videos for any of the lessons that they have attended, so that they can refresh a concept or skill at any time.

Students can also subscribe (for a fee) to the on-demand videos for topics that they might have missed.

You can also browse our current library of online videos here.


WhatsApp has been a tool that Chung has encouraged students to use at all times.

Students are encouraged to clear their doubts, whether it is on a concept, or whether it is a question that they are working on, over WhatsApp. There are many reasons for this:

  • Questions can be immediately cleared when it is fresh in the student's mind.

  • Formulating the question itself is a powerful process which forces the student to clarify their thoughts.

  • There is no limit to the number of questions and doubt that a student can clear over a week.

  • Time is saved as there is no need to wait after class for their turn to ask Chung a question.

WhatsApp consultation remains a mainstay of the learning process at Chemistry Domus, whether online or offline.


$380 per month (for four weeks of lessons). Fees will be $475 if there are five weeks in that particular month.

This includes access to the on-demand videos for the corresponding lessons.

Fees will collected by PayNow / PayLah / bank transfer before the first class of each month.

Whatsapp Chung at 9623-2645 or sign up for a trial now!

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