"Mr Chung is a very dedicated and passionate chemistry teacher. He helped me tremendously especially in the beginning when I struggled with simple concepts. I am extremely grateful for the WhatsApp consultation sessions that allowed me to clear my doubts for certain concepts.

Moreover, the notes contain concise summaries, question types and practice questions which I found immensely helpful. The topical revisions allowed me to consistently practice examination questions as the examinations drew closer.

The delivery of the lessons were clear-cut and easy to follow, be it online or in real life. Even though the lessons moved online due to COVID-19, the delivery of lessons were not affected. Every student in class was given adequate attention to ensure that no one is left behind. Furthermore, Mr Chung would also often give us tips and tricks to make learning easier. 

Overall, I enjoyed my time learning chemistry from Mr Chung. If you are facing difficulties in chemistry, do not hesitate to join Chemistry Domus!"

Seah Jia Yi, Victoria Junior College (2020)

"Before joining Chemistry Domus, I struggled with many topics in the chemistry syllabus despite going for consultations and studying for longer hours, consistently getting an E / S for my exams and timed assignments. Frustrated, I decided to join the June crash course programme in J2 (and subsequently the regular lessons). Despite joining so late, joining for that few months improved my results tremendously from an E (39th percentile) at CT1 to a B (70-75th percentile) at both CT2 and Prelims.

Mr Chung is a patient, engaging and dedicated teacher who is ever willing to spend additional time, be it before or after class, or even outside of the classroom through WhatsApp consultations, to clear our doubts and misconceptions. He is clear and concise in his explanations, illustrating difficult concepts through flowcharts and other methods for us to understand and absorb more easily. In addition to the small class size which allows him to focus on every single student (as well as less intimidating to ask questions for the more soft-spoken), the materials distil the essence of each topic, making it easy to comprehend and internalise. The exam pointers and shortcuts he teaches us also make tackling questions and memorising content so much easier and more manageable, which I found extremely useful for revision in the days leading up to the paper. On top of that, Mr Chung is also a caring mentor who never fails to encourage us to dispel our anxieties and troubles before exams, helping us feel more confident and less afraid of the subject.

Mr Chung believed in my capabilities when I lost hope in the subject, and his conscientious teachings and encouragement allowed me to appreciate the subject more and achieve much more than I thought I was capable of. Join Chemistry Domus and be empowered to ace your A Level Chemistry :)"

Gwendolyn Heng, Victoria Junior College (2019)

"Mr Chung is a highly knowledgeable and patient Chemistry teacher. He understands the struggles that weaker students are going through, and often goes the extra mile by drawing out flowcharts and diagrams to make sure that every student understands the content, even if this means that lessons often extend beyond the stipulated time. The notes given during lessons are detailed and contain various practice questions to aid us in the application of concepts we have learnt, which I believe is the toughest part of A-level Chemistry.

After just a few months in Chemistry Domus, I improved from an S grade (38th percentile) during my mid-year examinations to a B grade (61st percentile) during the Promotional examination, and finally achieved an 86th percentile for my Prelim examination. Due to the pointers and application tips given during lessons, I was able to overcome my fear of Chemistry questions.

The small class size allowed Mr Chung to assist every student personally via immediate correction of mistakes and also encouraged us to voice out any questions or misconceptions. Mr Chung would personally guide us through various questions, and would also show us the different ways to approach questions, allowing us to be better equipped to answer tough questions.

If you too are having difficulties in mastering Chemistry, please do not hesitate to join Chemistry Domus!"

Chong Wei Xin, Victoria Junior College (2018)

"Mr Chung is a very responsible, caring and committed teacher who is always willing to help us any way he could. His lessons allow us to easily master difficult concepts which we often find hard to understand in school for various reasons. 
Mr Chung would tailor his way of teaching in order to suit us and ensure that we completely understand the concepts. For example, when mere talking does not help, he would draw out diagrams or use hand gestures to illustrate certain complex chapters, which greatly aided us in our understanding. Practice questions that he compiled were useful in our revisions for any exams. Before any exams, I would find myself reading and trying out all the important questions that he marked out for us. It gave me the confidence to do well because I knew that they were really important questions that contained essential concepts.
Mr Chung's high level of commitment in teaching his students is evident from the quick replies he would give to students who messaged him questions even over the weekends. Also, Mr Chung is a very caring teacher who would look out for the needs of all his students, creating a comfortable learning environment which I really appreciated. Lessons were conducted in small groups where we have a tutor-to-student ratio kept below 1:10. This ensured that no students were left out in the process of learning.
Overall, Mr Chung is a great tutor to work with in acing A Level Chemistry."

Sim Wen Fei, Victoria Junior College (2017)

"In the short 3 months that I was under Mr Chung, genuinely speaking, I thought why didn’t I sign up for this earlier. My percentile jumped from 23% to 88% in just a short span of time, to be exact, from CT2 to prelims, and my improvement has to be credited to Mr Chung’s teaching.

Not only was Mr Chung patient and understanding, he manages to cater learning to both the stronger and weaker students, even in a group setting. In fact the greatest strength of his was his dedication. He never fails to answer questions promptly over whatsapp, even when it is late at night, not mentioning him staying up late before our major papers just to be there if we needed him.

As for the materials that we go though in class, much thought had been given into them to give us the best exposure to a wide range of questions and difficulty. In my short time in this tuition, I saw many of my fellow tuition mates improved leaps, and if you find yourself struggling with chemistry, here's the solution!"

Ho Yi Jing, Victoria Junior College (2016)

Reasons to join Chemistry Domus

Gain a holistic understsanding of Chemistry.


Connect the dots between different topics and experience the "aha" moment.


Our physical locations are conveniently located in the East, with PARKWAY PARADE  and BEDOK CENTRAL easily accessible from VJC.


Work with specifically curated prelim and A Level questions.

Weekly timed-practices, before major exams,  on our online portal with detailed explanations.


Besides consulting with Chung before or after regular classes, have access to Chung all the time, as he encourages the clearing up of doubts and concepts on whatsapp.


Chung has excelled at the most rigourous schools in Singapore and the U.S., and can help to impart important academic skills required for students to do well in the system.


Our groups are small at a maximum of 12 students, so you can participate actively in class, and get personalised attention from Chung as he inspects your work individually.

Regular Class Schedules (2021)
JC 2 Classes

Bedok Central

Tues 8 pm

Parkway Parade

Fri 7:15 pm

Centropod (Paya Lebar - Eunos)

Sat 10 am


Online Interactive Class

Thurs 5:30 pm

JC 1 Classes

Bedok Central

Tues 6 pm

Parkway Parade

Fri 4:45 pm

Centropod (Paya Lebar - Eunos)

Sat 1 pm


Online Interactive Class

Thurs 7:45 pm

Sign up for a trial class now!


Chung has built an on-demand video library for the entire A Level H2 Chemistry syllabus.

Regular students of Chemistry Domus will be able to watch (and rewatch) videos for any of the lessons that they have attended, so that they can refresh a concept or skill at any time.

Students can also subscribe (for a fee) to the on-demand videos for topics that they might have missed.

Watch a sample JC1 video for a core skill for Reaction Kinetics here, or watch a sample JC2 video for the review of Organic Chemistry mechanisms here.

Sign up for a trial class now!

You can also browse our current library of online videos here.


WhatsApp has been a tool that Chung has encouraged students to use at all times.

Students are encouraged to clear their doubts, whether it is on a concept, or whether it is a question that they are working on, over WhatsApp. There are many reasons for this:

  • Questions can be immediately cleared when it is fresh in the student's mind.

  • Formulating the question itself is a powerful process which forces the student to clarify their thoughts.

  • There is no limit to the number of questions and doubt that a student can clear over a week.

  • Time is saved as there is no need to wait after class for their turn to ask Chung a question.

WhatsApp consultation remains a mainstay of the learning process at Chemistry Domus, whether online or offline.


$360 per month (for four weeks of lessons). Fees will be $450 if there are five weeks in that particular month.

This includes access to the on-demand videos for the corresponding lessons.

Fees will collected by PayNow / PayLah / bank transfer before the first class of each month.

Whatsapp Chung at 9623-2645 or sign up for a trial class now!